Rent or Run!
Leonel Barria

You are definitely right about running away from NYC. It’s a great place but like you said it’s not for us anymore it’s only for the wealthy. The apartments are becoming smaller and smaller while the rent is sky rocketing. It’s sad to see gentrification take over and rip down the culture of Brooklyn, Bronx and even in Queens. These landlords became so greedy that they are only looking out for their best interest whatever happened to helping our the working man/woman? We have to literally have a good job and then have two more side hustles to pay rent. Then by the end of the year you have nothing to show for because you were trying to keep a roof over your head and food in your stomach. It’s really ridiculous that I can’t enjoy life because I’m working all the damn time because I’m afraid to take a day because my family and I may get an eviction notice. I’ll stop ranting because this can go into another conversation. But it really seems like the best thing to do is like you said try saving up and owning a home and leaving and rent out that home to people so that you are able to have another source of income. Good Read!