Lessons for My Son

Imagination & Determination — Part 2

Not the same river but this is Toms River: https://goo.gl/maps/j7zajVgf1cN2

Hey son. I know this is after the your big day, your birthday and I was writing up to your birthday, but I realize there are many loose ends to tie up. So I want to tell you of the other story in which I applied the “lethal” combination of determination and imagination.

It began when I was just about to leave high school from sixth form or what is equivalent to senior high in the USA. One day , I heard that there was a scholarship being offered to study in Europe, so I applied. My father actually helped me in this one as he had some connections with the organisation that was offering the scholarship. I know he could not influence the process that much if any at all but he was supportive.

I was successful in my bid for the scholarship, along with 20 others. I heard tales of how sometimes person would reach the airport and be turned back for these scholarships, so again I started the “determined imagination” process. Every night before I went to sleep I would imagine myself getting to the airport and getting on the plane then landing at our destination. Judiciously, every night I see myself getting on the flight and taking off and reaching my destination.

On the morning of the flight I loaded my packed suitcase into the old taxi we could afford and rickety-rackety, it went down the road, round the twisted “river-road” which followed the course of the longest river in my island, and through towns to the airport. It was a tense morning at the airport, as there were the twenty of us there waiting to get on the flight. None of us knew who would make that flight. Son, of the twenty of us at the airport only eight got onto the flight.

Guess who was among the eight?

Yes, yours truly. I knew it was because I saw only what I wanted to experience. I must admit that I am glad I am writing this to you because it reminds me about those days because I seem to have grown up and forgotten about this technique. Furthermore, particularly as a man of Faith I must apply this principle because as a man thinks in his heart, so is he. I am also promised exceedingly abundantly above all I can ask or think or imagine. So I must re-apply this principle of creative imagination, determined imagination to experience the adventures I used to have back then.

Son, I hope you can find time to read these bits of experiences that can inform your life and from which you can take nuggets and apply to your own life. I sure am going back to imagine the life I want. This is going to be fun!

Catch you later son.