One Room That Gives a Bonus to Most Apartments for Sale in Dubai

3 min readJan 19, 2022


Dubai is a country located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It uses the currency of the dirham (AED). This is advantageous to landlords because Dubai has a sizeable expatriate population, and the native currencies of expatriates often performs well against the dirham, which makes these expatriates even richer.

In Dubai, apartments for sale will be either a studio or have multiple bedrooms and bathrooms. A studio apartment will have a kitchen, bathroom, guest area, and bedroom area, while apartments with bathrooms and bedrooms can have multiple rooms. These rooms can include kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, and so on. The sky is really the limit for what kind of rooms an apartment can have, though it is limited by the size.

There is, however, one room that will give a bonus to most apartments for sale in Dubai. Read on to discover this room.

Laundry Room

The most convenient room to have in an apartment for sale in Dubai is a laundry room. This room adds more desirability to your apartment for sale for many reasons.

First, it is convenient. A laundry room will enable tenants to do their laundry whenever they want to. It means that tenants will not have to leave their apartments to do their laundry, nor will they be held hostage by the hours of a laundromat or by its staff.

Second, it is the most sanitary option. A laundry room controls the amount of people who touch someone else’s laundry. This is especially important when there is a pandemic or other bug that is going around the neighborhood. It will limit the flow of unknown germs.

Third, it saves time. Doing the laundry in a laundromat involves a tenant having to leave their apartment, take the laundry either to another area in the residential tower or out into the neighborhood to a laundromat, then returning an hour later to move the laundry into the dryers, then waiting another hour. Something that is much quicker in the apartment and does not require much attention can take an extra two hours simply waiting for the laundry to be finished.

Finally, while some residential towers offer laundry services, it is more expedient to do laundry in your own home. A tenant would not have to rely on others, would not have to wait for the laundry to be delivered back to their apartment, and would not have to wait at home for their laundry to be delivered to their door.


A laundry room is a huge advantage for landlords who want to lease their apartments for sale, and for realtors who want to sell their apartments to landlords. Tenants also benefit from the sheer convenience they have from being able to the laundry at home and when they want to do the laundry as opposed to doing it on someone else schedule.

If you want to get apartments for sale in Dubai and then lease them out, now is the perfect time to make sure they have laundry rooms.

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