Spa on Wheels — Fun and Memorable Time for the Girls

Parties are source of happiness and merrymaking, whether they are birthday parties for girls in Houston and Katy, or back to school parties, or just a party to surprise your daughter. It is not important factor how big or small a party is as long as the fun quotient is maintained throughout the length of the party. If you are ready to throw a party for your daughter and her BFFs — Spa on Wheels would be the best idea for you!

A spa on wheels party might be for a couple of hours but it is definitely a memory to be cherished forever. We understand that party planning is a challenging process and can elevate your stress levels, so we offer you an opportunity to plan it together with the team of spa on wheels and make it a lot easier and interesting.

Picture your daughter and her entourage getting their makeup done, partying, dancing, and singing together like divas, in a beautifully decorated truck. If the sheer portrayal of it in your head is enough to cheer you up, imagine their thrill when they would be inside the decorated wagon for real, being pampered and coddled by a professional team of makeup artists and dressers!

Here are some of the main attractions of “Spa on Wheels” that will keep your little princess and her friends entertained and the party alive:

Makeover Time: Every girl likes to be pampered and the spa on wheel professionals knows how to gratify every girl’s desires. They take special care to beautify their hair, feet, nails, and face, inside the impeccably designed party truck. The full-service spa on wheels trucks have a pedicure station, a manicure station, a giant mirror, a full glam makeup station and an extensive wardrobe collection stacked with endless props and accessories. Added to these, is a special tattooing stop that just builds on the fun factor!

Entertainment: Whether its birthday parties for girls in Houston and Katy or any other kind of celebration, entertainment is mandatory. The truck is equipped with high-definition TVs and Karaoke machine that is loaded with everyone’s favorite tunes. Get ready to sing, dance and rock the floor! Not only this, the truck also accommodates the famous plush pink carpet kept ready for an amazing ramp walk session, where fans and family members can click this special moment to frame it on their walls.

A party is not just about the number of guests but the elements, enjoyment, special moments and fun. Choosing the spa on wheel themed party for your daughter will surprise her and let her be pampered by others too. Lastly, the best part of spa on wheel is that it can arrive right at your doorstep, whenever you want it.

If you are ready to add more glitters and spark to birthday parties for girls in Houston and Katy, then know more about us by visiting our website —

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