Beauty success

How to be more beautiful?
How to be sexy?
Good outfits that sure will match to you..
Nowadays many teenagers want to be more beautiful. And did you ever try to discriminate of others because of your skin and shy just because of your ugly face? We have a solution for that problem, you only need to follow the guide that I will give advice to you to make you beautiful. My advice will start to the first thing, our face!, if you want your face beautiful and glow 
First : Always have a facial wash in your face with soap and water.
To keep our face in dirt and any causes that will affect to our skin also in our face that easy to have infections like pimples, rushes, white heads and black heads and more, that because of air pollution that comes in the factories, mobile car like taxi, bus, jeepney and etc. we also include the hours of sleep. If you are less in to eight hours I really sure you will be have an ugly face just because of eye bags, pimple and many more you will also be haggard because of what you doing to yourself. 
Second: get away the black heads and white heads on your face 
if you have a white heads or black heads you need to get it away to keep our face into pimples . because did you know that the white heads or black heads that you have in our face will make a hole for you to damage your skin. And of course if you have like this you can feel on your face that it is itchy and sure that can irritate your face and that is the time of coming of rushes in your face. 
third: put a cream or moisturizer that you always use in your daily life
I can say that putting cream to our face is good for us but you need to sure of your cream also if your skin is sensitive because creams that is a chemical but sometimes there is a cream that good to use or put to your face but care of what you use to avoid damage on your face to be safe. and I suggest it because we keep our face to the dirt that may go directly to the skin of our face.
The next procedure for you to be beautiful is how to put a make-up, step by step in your face to have a good looking and beautiful face.this time we will continue the procedure on how to be beautiful. When your done to put the cream on your face.
First: put a powder to your face and to your neck to be fair.
Second:put a foundation to your face and to your neck.
Third:put a blushed-on to your face to have a pinkish in your cheeks.
Fourth:put an eye liner to your eye brow .
Fifth:put the eye shadow,any color but I advice for you on how to combine it. a color that you need are two colors of eye shadows it’s a dark color and light color, put first the light eye shadow to your eye and next the dark color for the combination and make sure that the dark shadow is like a line that will not whole combine to the light color.
Sixth: next is the liquid eye liner, top it in your dark eye shadow.
Seventh: put the mascara
Last: put the lipstick.
 Procedure:put the lip liner and top the color of your lipstick. 
To complete your beauty you need a outfit for your gorgeous beauty. I advice to you that whatever dresses you use you need to partner it on what concepts of dress like for example white shorts and dark color sleeveless like black,violet,red,maroon and etc. you need to follow also the color of your eye shadow to be match to your outfit. and when we say outfit together of it is the shoes that you use to make a fashion it is like the color of your dress or the color of your shoes is good to match to your dress wherein gorgeousness will make you a fashionista.

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