Dream wedding

All women wants to have a wedding that unforgettable.
 Walk down the aisle to your most romantic day. Sometimes the theme and motifs that they do are church wedding, garden wedding, beach wedding and more. a couple capture their beautiful beginnings, happy endings and everything in between. the sweetest memories are the wedding celebration, some of this are bigger, grander, and more detailed than others, but all weddings have the same central theme and that’s love. It does not matter if the wedding is big or small, grand or simple, as long as the couple love each other and each of the family accepted each other, then that’s a wedding that we want to be. about the wedding dress it’ll just be another white dress, your best option? But probably the best trend this season. Wedding dresses nowadays have so much features like back detail. its bold and elegant especially if done in lace or with crystals, and definitely sexy! If you wear in it. the accessories to finish your look,for the groom the cufflinks, tie pin, pen, timepiece, boutonierre, pocketsquare and for the bride are bouquet, veil, garter, shapewear, tiara, and headpiece. Of all weddings color they say that the pink is the new white because it is sweet love. Many colors they use in the weddings like pistachio matching with khaki, lavender, cherie amour or red, rust,old rose, purple, ash blue, midnight blue, yellow gold, emerald green, aqua, beige, mocha,lilac, and more .many colors used to the wedding events but the colors that ive said are the colors that always use. one last thing, give your ride some thought. Yes as long as it has wheels and bring you to your special wedding and that’s the bridal car because everyday is not your wedding day, but the day that has got to be special. One of the important thing in the wedding is the wedding cake ,it depends on you on how this cake to be special. Creativity is endless that is a fact! And for the record, so are the ideas for cake toppers. We also have etiquette for the newlywed to show their gratefulness for the presence of their beloved guest by writing a thank you notes for them. Falling in love and embarking on your journey as a couple is your unique story that has seen its up and down through the times you’ve spent together. In spite of number of family or friends you have, the relationship still boils who have made the commitment to cherish each other through thick and thin. moments captured are moments kept forever looking at wedding photos always makes us swoon, never misses to make us kilig. often times the ones that have much emotions are the shots that are stolen. just by looking at them, we feel the common themes that they all convey the love, fun, and happy memories! And before we go long on memories and love, here are some touching moments we’ve seen in this issue.i guest that you need to ready your tissues! The moment you finally let down the veil is the time you realize, this is it! And that priceless. And you can say that your wedding is the best day ever. You need to enjoy everything about your wedding and follow your hearts desire because the wedding is once in a lifetime experience! And its worth the time and effort. “Wedding planning can be stressful, but enjoy the course of it and remember to set your mind to what matters the most, the start of one heck of an adventures forever” that one of the couple says sometimes. But think about it that being a partners in life is not easy to go on it,, but you need to be ready in any situation that will happen when you are a partners in life now. Face the challenges that will come and survive for the future. This facing of challenge is life goes on together with little cute babies. But after the wedding the parents of the groom and bride are still there to guide them in the right way of being a partners in life. This could be that our parents are not yet on their obligations to their child, who wants to be settled in their own lives. When they reach upon this. This is the start of a new beginning of the couple and they will experience the different system as a couple. But if one of you are understanding, the two of you will be okay because you love each other and you will be forever.

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