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Good food, good memories
Food is a basic commodity; everybody needs to eat. People would rather spend on food than on their items. Food something they will never tire of. People loves to eat, you can see there in everywhere that food is one basic need that never gone. Even though you are in the formal place or in the informal place examples of that are street foods like “Quek-Quek”, “hotdog”, “fish balls”, “kickiam”, “squid balls”, and grilled food like”isaw-isaw”, “dugo”, “tenga ng baboy”, “adidas”, and more. 
 It’s a good bonding when you and your family was in the picnic place to enjoyed the moment that makes your family more close while eating together or go to the beach to enjoy the nature and also the bonding you have while eating too. It is important to every family that have their own time and no time with there family because if you and your family are together to eat your dinner it can be a good memories will form because your family will be healthy just because of the food that your mother serve.
 Sometimes our grandparents have the own recipe that pass to your parents and then they share it to you, for you to know the recipe of your family and when you perfectly know it you can opened your own business like restaurant, catering, carinderia or any options do you want. Food is the only business that never lose because we know already that eating is one the favorite or hobby of the people that’s why they cannot carry to suffer to don’t eat maybe if they are solve on what they eat. 
 my advice especially nowadays is business is one factor to reach your goal in life because food is the number one needed of the people, so go to food business it sureness your goal to a good business also if you are food lover. 
 Business success is a function of proper balance and integration of the firms product or sevices and its resources considering the dynamic external. And to be a success in business, be daring, be first, be different. It is your opportunity to find your own potentials through your hobby.but if you want to reach this goal, you need to follow this potentials: as a goal driven, costumer focused, team oriented, skills oriented, techno-knowledgable, global thinking, flexible-minded, bottomline oriented, socially-responsible, and future oriented these are some traits of being successful entrepreneur. The best organization really depends on the short and long term vision of the entrepreneur and one that suits its immediate goals. People says, “if you want to gain more profit, go into food business”.
 If you make a planning system you can sure the company that you will handle will develops strong business and the things to be done. A good business plan is one that works and has to be specific, simple, realistic and complete, if you complete it you must present a leader to raise a fund for new and for future business. It also a basic process used to select goals and to determine how to achieve them and a cooperative effort. 
 You also need to organize, the way work is arranged and allocate among members of the organization can be efficiently achieved. According to Genevieve ledesma tan “ the past, present, and future rest largely in the hands of the achievers.”
 A business opportunity has been endless and if you want to put up a business you must make sure that you knows where it is going. And this is a unique quality of you. The best creative thinking for entrepreneurs emerges when there is fertile field of knowledge and understanding about important business principles, about oneself and one’s goals, about the strengths of the business, what others are doing, how people and their needs are changing.
 Get blasé employees motivated about their jobs, and they’ll really take care of business. And also one of the important step in putting up a business is to conduct a feasibility study about your product for example is food which will be offered.

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