Winter is coming, how ‘bout you?

In our life, people may come and go. But their is one person who is intended for us and will never leave us behind no matter what. They are the person who are destined to stay with us forever. But there is one question that is popping into my mind at this moment. Where is he right now? Does he know that at this moment in time I’ve been waiting for him? Waiting for him to save my day and turn my grey skies into blue? Neither you nor I, have an idea when I am going to meet you, but I am thrilled on how am I meeting a person like you, a person with no name, no idea of how you look like, in short no identity at all. 😞 But If I’m going to see you , meet you at the hallway or at the lobby, I will know because my heart will tell me that it’s YOU! 😍.

Buti pa ang winter.., parating na, siya kaya? (Winter is better than YOU,cause winter is coming, but how ‘bout you?)

It’s a phrase called “hugot” lines, it consist of bitter words as they say.

Those were the crack jokes thrown by people having a tragic experiences with regards to love!

But anyway, I will go back to that question. If winter is coming, how about you? When are you going to show up and fill those empty holes in my heart. Or it will be too late for you and your white horse to come around.


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