( written at age 13years)

‘Ugh!’ said the woman in disgust,

Seeing the black podgy man.

He’s no one you can trust,

Even to clean your car’s dust.

Hearing that the dark man cried

‘Hey Behanji!’

‘I am not that frenzy’

‘Get out!’ the woman said,

Gone all pink and red.

Tell me who you are,

Or I’ll kick you till Bihar.

As he went, he kicked the car

And soon on his head was a bucket of flour

So eventually he was not far from Bihar

Soon he was selling Khad

Just two minutes baad

I often wonder and ask dad

Could it be Lalloo Prasad?

A white light flashed bright

Blocking away all my sight

Soon the bright light vanished

And worries were all banished

It was half past eleven

And guess what, I was in heaven.