Society vs Man

Why did you do this?

Do what? , said the society

I am hurt, I sobbed

Haha. I have not done anything.

You have created so many problems in my life. I am broken.

I have always been this way. It is you who has viewed my ways as a personal attack. The struggles will make you stronger, provided you learn from it.

Is it necessary to go through your process? I want to make my own choices, my own path.

Haha. Go ahead. You will always reach the paths I designed for you no matter where you go

Then I shall stay here. I will not move.

Oh you are just a child. The hurdles are there to make you mature.

Well children are beautiful. What is wrong in thinking as a child? I want to stay as i am. I dont want maturity. At least not in your way.

You ungrateful brat!

System starts to get angry.
I have given you help in so many circumstances. Yet you see only the problems and difficulties! 
There are so many people who are not so fortunate as you.

That is what they all say. Perspective perspective. How have you helped when I lost everything?

Lost everything?

Yes. My family does not want to speak to me. My savings are almost over. My health is getting worse with stress. My career is at a standstill. What is worse than that. Now dont compare me with the starving orphans on the streets. They too are victims of your process just like me, only worse.

You may not have family but you have friends. You maybe almost broke but not yet. You have a career that most envy. Appreciate it.

After a pause.

I know that. So why am i not happy.

I cannot control your feelings. Your feelings are your own. I only decide your path. You cannot blame me for feeling sad or betrayed.

Aha. So you finally admit I can choose. I can choose my feelings. So you say I must choose to feel happy always! That is impossible. Only a mad man can do that.

Look you are not even trying to understand. Go away. I have work to do.