The Virus Attack

20 yrs ago at school..

Xyz: Hey man. That weirdo guy🤓 is getting all A grades and the girls just adore him. He even got that scholarship that I wanted so badly. I just hate him.
Abc: Why dont we beat him up and teach him a lesson. 
Xyz: The whole school will know we hit the lovable weirdo. No girl will talk to us. And the principal will tell our parents.
Abc: Speaking of snitching. Why dont we tell on him first? 😈

Present time...

Xyz: These countries are booming so expeditely. Ours suck. Lets create a conspiracy to justify bombing.😬
Abc: They are stronger. We will be in ruins once they retaliate. 
Xyz: Just got a text that my kid has a viral infection and there is no cure. This sucks.
Abc: Did you just say Virus. You are a genius! 😈

Disclaimer: This is a fictional short story inspired by true events.

By Dr Spriha Mathur

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