Don’t put me in a box,

I just cannot fit,

I just don’t hold one label,

I was never good at fitting in,

I could never be just one thing,

Guess my life was always meant to be that way,

Labels were sometimes put on me,

Ones I would fight,

Ones I accepted,

But don’t put me in a box,

I was just never made for that,

I cannot be just one certain thing,

It’s just too boring,

And I have to be me,

I have to shine the way I shine,

I have to dream the way I dream,

I have to love the way I love,

I have to believe the way I believe,

I have to hope the way I hope,

And sometimes I got to cry the way I cry,

But I cannot be put in a box,

It just won’t fit me that way,

I was never good at just being one thing,

I have always been my mother’s daughter,

Open minded,

Free spirit,

But also a huge heart,

Independent and strong willed,

It is what has gotten me through you see,

Many battles and hardships I have been,

Many I am sure still out there,

Strength is something I’m no stranger to,

I cannot be put into a box,

There is no possibility,

I run as free as the deer,

And squirrels,

The river that rushes through to the sea,

There isn’t anything that can contain me,

Because I will always be uniquely me.