Ringing in The New Year (2018) in Dubai!

“Happy new year, kabayan!”

Oh what a joy in the heart to hear this from our fellow countrymen. It literally felt like home!

This is my first time to celebrate the new year without seeing a single firework, but also the first time to witness a once-a-year street party that happens in the streets of Dubai.

I saw Filipinos bringing empty water gallons, cooking pans, or anything that creates noise. There are black people who dance in the center of the street while some locals honk their cars and others shoot confetti everywhere.

Our street was blocked without prior notice and the cops were very supportive. Amazing!

It was like independence day for prisoners. It’s the loudest, the happiest, and the most united event that I’ve ever joined in Dubai.

More to that, I’m thankful to the people who I have celebrated the new year with. I’m happy to find a family here while I’m away with my biological home.

Joebell, Glenah, Abigael, Jewel, Me, & Aira.

Almost everyone has shared his/her own year-end post and it just feels good to see positive vibes while I scroll down my Facebook feed.

Along with a toast with my friends, mine goes this way:

instagram: @princesstadena

To end this short post, I’d like to hope us all to be more hopeful every day.

Our 2018 shouldn’t depend on our new years resolutions but to the God who perfectly makes everything new.

Once again, may you have a prosperous and peaceful year ahead!
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