Getting Over Uber
Susan Crawford

I live in Toronto, where we are currently dealing with having to incorporate Uber here. Our city council has decided that the taxi licensing system needs to be updated and Uber needs to conform with the same standards as taxis. What these new standards will be, who knows? Uber has stated over and over, that they won’t comply because they are not a taxi company. I, personally, agree with you on many fronts. Additionally their position that they don’t have to provide accessible services for people with disabilities is sickening, again they claim, for the reasons above.

We used to have another service here, called Hailo, which I loved. It was an app which all the cab drivers used. It worked just like Uber. I would schedule a ride and a cab would show up — didn’t matter the company. It basically functioned like an agnostic dispatcher. The drivers I spoke to (and I asked all of them whether they liked it) loved it because it was another way to find fares. Too bad it ended up leaving the city — not sure why the model failed. :(

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