Life before death
Jonas Ellison

Honestly, my only fear about death (since I don’t believe in any gods, devils, or peaceful amoebas that spend eternity singing the praises of jesus)is how it happens. I don’t want to die: violently, tragically, or in pain. I’d like to be old and die in myself after watching “Labyrinth” for the ten thousandth time (my favorite movie of all time).

That and…

I could never get with the generic version of “Heaven” that they regaled us with in church growing up: everyone lives in a McMansion, every street is paved with gold, and everyone is singing hymns and not having sex for all eternity.

For me that WOULD be Hell.

My heaven would be the picture featured in this article…
An eternal roller disco/movie theater/orgy afterwards.

Now that’s fun.

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