Birth of A Nation’s Box Office Flop and The Unrepentant Pettiness of Black Feminists.

While this was OCCASIONALLY clever and “entertaining” (even though it was chock full of demeaning and antiquated anti-black woman stereotypes. Yo, you just totally got unfriended by about 10,000 Facebook followers!) I can’t co-sign anything that you just said.

I am a Black Gay Man who loves Black women.

So, with that said, I found this all over problematic…

So let’s just break it down into bite sized pieces…

1.) The Flop of a Nation — Perhaps this had absolutely NOTHING to do with Black women raising a stink about Parker’s Becky and his Rapist past and everything to do with “The Birth of A Nation” simply being yet another chattel slave movie that revels in the: murder, rape, torture, and bondage of Black people?

I’ll bite and say that I was one of eight (literally eight) people in a stadium sized theater, on a Saturday, to see Birth of A Nation. To put it mildly I was HORRIBLY disappointed and disgusted by the way the film was executed. Instead of being a movie about Turner’s uprising we got two and half hours of Black agony and destruction with a heaping side of the centralization of whiteness.

Basically, the audience got to see gruesome scenes of hapless black victims having their teeth hammered out of their heads (literally, up close and personal); but when Turner exacted “revenge” on the evil monsters that perpetuated the perverse practice of slavery the director (Parker) decided that it was best to cut away and shield us for the atrocity of white people dying (Literally, every scene where a white person is killed was a cut away. It was quick, It was fast. It was painless. One scene we see a white victim look longingly into the camera as he slowly fades from an axe wound. I was done with the fuckin movie after that Lord of The Rings Arwen in Rivendell shit). It was quite obvious that Parker sold his soul for that 17 million dollars (because white studio execs probably forced him to cater to white fragility). Turner’s rebellion was approximately 10 minutes of the movie and the rest, once again, was black: murder, death, kill.

Honestly, who wants to see more of the same?

That and another problem was that the female protagonists in the movie only existed to propel the male protagonist (Turner) to revolution (I was thinking Turner did it because he was sick and tired of slavery). Gabrielle Union literally had five minutes of screen time and ZERO dialogue. It made me wonder why in the fuck she even took the role.

All I saw in “Birth of A Nation” was white studio exec intervention that allowed Parker to make his movie all while making it more palatable to whites.

The movie FAILED. That is why it flopped, his rape allegations be damned (although those didn’t help).

Hopefully Viola Davis makes that Harriet Tubman movie. I want to see a movie where the black protagonist is truly triumphant.

2.) The Rape Case — Okay, so I think I was the only person following Nate Parker prior to Birth of A Nation. I been known about the Penn State Rape case. If you Wiki Parker you will find that in his biography. The ONLY reason this blew up is because his career did. Prior to Sundance Parker was a blip on the average black movie fan’s radar. With the win came an interest in his career which allowed everyone to dredge up these damning little details like his homo-antagonism (He did an interview stating that he would never play a gay man and why. Which put him on my personal shit list) and rape dick. 
I say this to say that it wasn’t just Black Women that put him out there. He did that to himself. Who cares if he was found not guilty (which isn’t surprising. Penn State is like the nation’s capital of Bro culture and date rapes)? It is on his resume forever and we all have the right to choose whether we will support or not.

3.) The Queen of Katwe — Who in the HELL wants to pay money to see a movie about someone playing chess?! I love Lupita too but I’ll be damned. I’d rather watch a documentary about belly button lint. Just because it is uplifting doesn’t mean it will be entertaining. 
That movie was doomed to fail. Maybe it will do well on Netflix and Blu Ray.

4.) IR Dating/Marriage — Can we drop this FALSE (lies and DAMNED lies)narrative of black women being these jealous trolls who despise all black men who happen to date or marry out, please? I know that it is lucrative and sells (just ask Steve Harvey, who profits lovely off of certain black woman’s insecurities)but it is categorically UNTRUE. 
Statistically, Black Men in America (*shock and awe!*)are primarily with Black Women. We are the group that is most likely to marry IN. Yet, the minute we see some celeb or athlete with a white woman then suddenly we are done for as a race. 
True, unfortunately, we live in an Anti-Black pro SLAVERY culture (read the constitution. This country loves Slavery)which has poisoned the way that we, as a group, view and interact with one another. However, what we need to stop doing is predicating our world view on a MINORITY of people who may complain about some celebrity idiot, who collects white women like Popeye’s Tuesday value meal combos, not showing up to the: ESPYS/Grammys/Oscars/VMAS with a Black Woman. Sweeping generalizations are destructive.

To that end I found your piece to be hyperbole. Granted, I’ve met a FEW problematic black feminists; however, they are not the norm. Moreover, positing that black women are this angry lot of trolls protesting Parker because of his Becky makes me wonder whether or not He: Taye Diggs, Omari Hardwick, and all them other ones didn’t pay you to write this on their behalf.