To: Focus
From: Joy James
Date: October 24, 2015, 9:04pm

Our discussions of BLM/SayHerName are complicated: by empire and global anti-racist solidarity; terror and the infantilized; avoidance of speech and memories of the “unspeakable” violence that we (especially the children) face.

Bitter and traumatic memories frame governance in black life/death…

To: Joy James, Focus
From: Charlene Carruthers
Date: September 17, 10:11am

“Black Lives Matter” represents a convergence of people, ideas, geographies, formations and experiences.

The activity is both hyper-local and internationalist. Be it Twitter conversations between Ferguson and Palestinian activists about how to alleviate pain from tear gas or the…

Princeton African American Studies

The Princeton University Department of African American Studies provides a space for innovative teaching and research about African-descended people.

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