Meet Jason Tan, Co-Director @ TigerLaunch

Hi! My name is Jason Tan, a rising sophomore at Princeton studying Economics and pursuing certificates in Latin and Applications of Computing. For the next year, I am super excited to be serving as Co-Director of TigerLaunch, the nation’s largest student-run entrepreneurship competition.

Before coming to Princeton, I already had entrepreneurship running in my blood. In high school, I ran a social e-commerce startup to transform my passion for sports into support for the Autism Society of Southeastern Wisconsin. When I reached college, I am so glad that I took a chance with applying to E-Club and especially discovering TigerLaunch among them all. Being a part of this organization has been one of the most rewarding decisions of my freshman year, giving me a brand-new perspective of Princeton’s entrepreneurship community and shaping my outlook of the impact/issues I want to be a part of even after college.

TigerLaunch inspires me every day to discover new ideas and meet new people. Every call with a different venture capital shines a light on industries and problems that I would have never imagined existed. Every interaction with a founder shows me how much grit and vision it takes to execute a concept.

In the past year, I was so proud of our entire team for bringing together some of the best ideas from around the nation to be judged by some of the best minds in VC. We expanded to four regionals for 2018 in New York, Chicago, Seattle, and Paris, thus beginning our international footprint. In April 2018, we hosted the Finals at Princeton in partnership with ECONET, Lightspeed Ventures Partners, Rough Draft Ventures, SRI Capital, and several other accelerator/venture firms. At the Finals, we awarded $30,000 in total to the incredible startups BlockX, Food Period, and Retinox Medical.

This coming fall, I look forward to working with old and new members of TigerLaunch towards expanding the competition’s scale while maintaining its focus on building a tight-knit student founder network. If you want to learn more about TigerLaunch or have any questions, feel free to email me at and please visit our site as well!