Technology and Fake Love

This is part 3 of a 4-part series, “Love Touches: Being Human and In Tune; Why We Need Human Connections in an Increasingly High-Tech World.” The series concludes with my ATTUNE formula to help couples and families truly connect and form lasting, loving relationships.

Love Touches: What is Real?
These platforms are fueling higher levels of addictions, such as pornography and painkillers, by making them more easily accessible.

Counterfeit intimacy
Technology-based relationships give us counterfeit intimacy — superficial relationships that do not require the hard work of exploring and progressing with a loved one. Without the sorrow that comes with love, we cannot know true joy. And while people often start an addiction with the intention of just numbing out the negative emotional end of the spectrum, they simultaneously limit their ability to experience positive emotions. Our full range of emotion narrows into a thin, limited and limiting band.

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