Is Print Advertising Really Dying?

With the ever increasing dominance of digital and online advertising over traditional channels, like direct mail, it’s easy to see why many are saying that these traditional outlets, once the top performers in their heyday are dying. However did you know that 2.5 billion direct mail coupons were redeemed in 2015 alone? With an additional 10.6 million catalogs mailed out the same year as well. So needless to say it looks like print is far from dead.

With that much volume taking place every year, that means there’s still a strong need for basic products like paper and ink. Luckily for companies like Kelly Paper and US Industrial Inks, industries that many had written off as dead are anything but.

However that doesn’t mean they don’t face their fair share of challenges. Take the magazine industry. One of the biggest paper and ink purchasers, they’ve been having a tough several years. In 2014 alone, 91 magazines ceased publication (and that was just in the U.S. and Canada).

So the question everyone’s asking, “is print advertising dying?”, is one that I think can be answered with a simple “no”. The caveat being that while it’s not dying, it has lost quite a bit of market share to the newer digital/online media platforms. But it’s far from dead.