How to prevent a blocked print head.

Getting a blocked printer head nozzle can ruin a printer, rendering it useless. But what can we do to help prevent one from happening in the first place?

Blocked print heads are caused by small particles in the ink or dried ink. This is a good reason to use premium quality ink as opposed to budget offerings that may be contaminated. Premium ink is filtered during manufacturing to improve the purity of the formulation. In addition premium quality ink has an added lubricant, again to help prevent a blockage. The lubricant is designed to continually clean the heads during normal printing.

We can further help to prevent a blocked nozzle by reviewing the way we use our equipment. In particular how we replace the ink cartridges, or how we refill our ink tanks.

When we change an inkjet cartridge the printer pierces a hole in the bottom ink outlet (where it connects with the printer). This plastic seal can contaminate the ink supply if fragments are released when it is punctured. Therefore it might be a good idea to puncture the hole yourself in advance, making sure there are no bits floating around that could cause trouble.

If you are refilling an ink tank then make sure the outside of the needle is clean before you insert it. Fortunately many refillable cartridges have a built in filter to stop fragments from reaching the print head.

Hopefully some of these tips may help you prevent a blocked printer head nozzle in the future. However if you do get a block in a printer nozzle, then we recommend using cleaning cartridges to clear the blockage.