The Hundred Percent Printer

There is no such machine as a ‘hundred percent printer’! No perfect printing machines currently exist. They all have negative points that detract from there overall average rating.

One of the main areas we focus on at Rapid Resolutions is the cost per print ratio. This is the main culprit in our eyes that let’s a printer down. If you have to think twice about using a printer because of how much it is going to cost to print your next page, it is time to look for a new machine. Sadly there are some good printers on the market that are initially relatively cheap to buy at first but become a financial burden to the owner. This pay as you go mentality offers a quick fix to the printer-less, but live for today, pay tomorrow goes one of four ways. 1: You keep using the printer and buy expensive cartridges every month. 2: You dump the machine when the cartridges are empty and buy another cheap printer. 3: You learn through experience and buy a slightly more expensive machine that uses cheaper inks. 4: You can’t afford to buy another printer or do not want to buy another printer. You can’t afford or refuse to pay silly prices for replacement cartridges, so you decide to have a go at refilling the original cartridges.

Refilling ink cartridges is not for everyone. It requires a little patience and a degree of common sense. It is ideally suited to the DIYer type of person who has a little spare time.

Rushing the refill process is a bad idea, so a little spare time is essential! If you are a busy person struggling to fit everything into your schedule, then it might be advisable to pass and go on this one. Got a little time, common sense and patience, then let’s have a go!

Jumping in at the deep end can be a bad idea, but there are useful products out there designed to make your life a lot easier. In particular there are some dedicated refill kits that come complete with ink, refill tools and instructions.

Our Eco-Fill Professional Refill Kits for Canon and HP are designed to make the refilling process much easier. At less than £12 they come with everything needed to refill both black and colour cartridges. Buy one now from