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Did you buy a new handy Deskjet printer? Great! Are you eager to use your printer? Yeah! You can use it to print your home needs.

The initial step you need to do after receiving your printer from the shipment is to unlade it. Without unpacking your printer, you cannot proceed to work with your printer. Make use of the article to set up your printer and make your printer ready to print a document.Keep your printer beside you and start working with it. This article is for entire Deskjet printer series.Check your printer specification and use the tips based on your compatibility.

Once you receive your printer, you need to take off the printer and its accessories from the shipment box.It is advisable to position your printer on a flat surface. Make use of the printer components and assemble the printer to work well.Keep your warranty card safely so that if you find any damage to your printer, you can service it with the help of the warranty card.

Your printer will be protected from the damage with the help of the packing material during the shipment process.You need to remove those packing material from the printer and its components. Have a look at the printer and its accessories to check whether you have removed all the stickers and labels properly. You might have received a USB along with your printer. 123.hp.com setup