We launched a new feature and we want your tweets — Find newcomer apps with Priori Data Discovery

We’re excited to announce the launch of our free Discovery Tool, a daily feed of newcomer apps and games which have entered App Store Top Charts for the first time. Priori Data ‘Discovery’reflects our ambition to assist you in identifying the apps and games most relevant to your business as quickly as possible.

The first iteration of Discovery detects ‘Chart Newcomers’, a daily feed of apps that have reached an app store top chart position for the first time — with the ability to filter by store, country, category and much more. It offers total flexibility, making it easy to monitor hundreds of markets.

This is the first product of our new Discovery offering. With it, app publishers can track new competitors, ad networks can add new business leads to their radars, and investors can spot emerging stars in the app stores. It enables you to monitor your competitive field for multiple markets simultaneously, spot successful soft launches, identify if a competitor’s new version update drove a rankings uplift, and discover completely new apps.


We developed the platform with our minds set on giving you a fully personalized experience. Its true power lies in how easy it is to make custom searches:


You have the ability to select Top Charts by platform simultaneously across multiple geographies, categories, devices, and chart types (FREE, PAID, and GROSSING).


You can set rankings cut-offs to only see newcomers to the Top 10, Top 50, Top100, or the entire Top 200.


Some apps come in to the top charts with a bang, arriving in multiple categories and countries simultaneously. Discovery lets you track the multiple achievements of a single app across all the charts it appears on, directly in the feed.

Moving Forward

Discovery is a new offering for Priori, and we will be broadening the functionality over time with the goal of providing a comprehensive set of information sources that help you identify and detect important apps. In the coming weeks, the offering will expand to highlight Featured apps across iOS and Android — showing not only who gets featured but how powerful a role it plays in an apps chart position. Stay tuned.

Get Involved

When we’re not all data, we’re all ears. We want to hear what you have to say about Discovery. Love it, hate it, feel some type of way about it, doesn’t matter — Drop us a line at info@prioridata.com, or tweet us your feedback with the hashtag #PrioriAppDiscovery for a chance to win one free month of Priori Data PRO. If you want to be the first to hear about new features, join the mailing list on the platform.