The Numbers Don’t Lie. Cross Selling is Key to Growing Revenue.

Cross selling significantly increases retention rates by cultivating and enhancing the relationship while generating incremental revenue. Merchants that utilize more than one service from a vendor stay with that vendor longer — it’s that simple.

We understand that you have limited resources available to continue to grow your Merchant portfolio, and are excited to offer you a resource to help expand the relationship with your Merchants.

Introducing the New Product Sales Assist Team
The Priority Product Sales Assist Team eliminates the headache of the product sales process for existing Merchant relationships in your portfolio by handling all of the details for you. We will work with you to identify Merchants that are good candidates for the products in our suite, and then coordinate an outbound sales campaign on your behalf - even representing your brand if applicable. We handle all the details, and YOU GET PAID.

Don’t lift a finger! The Product Sales Assist Team will take care of the entire process, including:
• Formulating and executing on an outbound sales call strategy to your 
 prequalified Merchants
• Handling the execution of documents, and all paperwork and communications with Merchant for the product sold.
• Discuss and provide any other cross selling opportunities to the Merchants

We do all of the legwork, while you pocket the income!

Have questions or want more information on this exciting new program?Contact us at

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