UX Case study: National Wellness Institute — Part 1

The squad

About the client

Wellness logo. Source: Wellness Institute.

The Challenge

Six Dimensions of Wellness. Source: Wellness Institute.

Surveys and interviews

1. Defining the dimension

Survey results.

2. Food-related survey

  • 88% consider taking care of nutrition really important;
  • 68% have or had nutritional counseling;
  • 79% reached their goal with nutritional monitoring;
  • 58% reported difficulty following the eating plan;
  • 37% want to know how many calories they’ve consumed per day;
  • 31% want to be able to track their progress on a day-to-day basis.

3. Interviews

  • How is your daily diet?
  • Have you ever followed an eating plan? How was the experience?
  • What were your biggest difficulties during nutritional monitoring?


Marcia, our persona.
  • Taking care of her nutrition;
  • Have a personalized diet;
  • Set and achieve goals;
  • Being able to track her progress;
  • Feeling unsatisfied with her body due to a social aesthetic standard;
  • Having difficulty following a meal plan;

Jobs to be done

Problem and hypothesis statement






Architect + UX/UI Designer

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Priscila de Santis

Priscila de Santis

Architect + UX/UI Designer

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