If life hands you lemons, do strawberry milkshake

It’s always the same: If life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Why have you never heard something different next to the comma?

A portrait of me holding a milkshake. More in www.instagram.com/priscilatnd

But, I’ve stopped to think more possibilities for you, so if life gives you lemons…

· Sell them and use the money to do what your heart insists to do.
· Extract the seeds, plant them all strategically, add water everyday, stay on the slope of them and harvest your own lemons, repeat and make your own lemon orchard.
· Change a part for strawberries and make strawberry water with lemons (which if you haven’t tried it, please do it now, it’s delicious) and sell this water.
· Change them all for strawberries, meet someone who has changed their owns for milk and make strawberry shake.
· Export them.

I’m just generating options. Ideas with the same initial conditions.

See, the fact that you have lemons and you only learn how to do lemonade is pretty basic. That’s what you’ll get with simple logic. It’s not bad. But it’s pretty normal. That’s what everyone does. What everyone does is not the most fascinating way of living.

And, I’m sure if you’re reading this, we both want to experience what is fascinating in life. So…

How the hell are you gonna make strawberry milkshake, if life has only been given you lemons?

I’m glad you asked. We’ll do it taking a different path. It doesn’t mean there’s only one way to make it. In fact, it’s totally open to the multiple options your mind creates, (like the list I made for you). You are in control of this path. You can make chocolate milkshake if you want. You just need to execute everything that leads you to get that outcome. But, how are you going to know the steps that leads you exactly to get that different result?

Good question, that’s the kind of question someone does when the interest have actually increased. (-:

The answer is actually quite encouraging. Today you are able to read those who already have achieved these amazing results. Yeah. Those who are a thousand levels above the people who only made lemonade. I’m sure that the steps taken for that level are much more sophisticated, and the mindset-analysis of their respective lemons were way different from what you and me have been doing with our ‘fruits’. So, read them. Analyze them. You can know their paths through their own words, reading their books. So, you’ll have a better background of how fantastic people think and act. Experiment with several of your lemons.

Then, train your mind to think in a different way. Out of logic. Out of what society does. Within the boldness. You’ll be able to create different options from a same initial condition. More authentic, more complete, and yeah, more amazing. What is going to really decide wether you have more benefits than just lemonade will be your ability to convert, invest, take and use the conditions that life gives you since the first time you put your feet on this earth.

Life gives us all lemons from the moment we are born. You can’t justify all the flavors you didn’t experience just because life only gave you lemons. Or because no one told you, no one did it, or — society made you think — that it was impossible. It’s not like that. It is perfectly possible. Those who sold you that idea haven’t read all the people you’ll read. They haven’t done what you can execute.

So do cool things with them. Feed yourself with books that can teach you the way of thinking of the people that have tasted the unimaginable. Analyze. Take action. Change your path. Have fun. Lose some lemons. Walk to discover new flavors. Try other flavors. Make sure of stay mentally-close with those who understand this. Stay away from those who don’t.

And make a milkshake of whatever flavor you want. (-: