Reality TV Flipping Shows Off

The reality TV shows are oftentimes misleading and are far away from actuality almost all of these shows are scripted. First shows are shot and then producers try to make a story out of the footage. If the story imitates what actually happened during filming it. Almost all times confusing and deceptive. All that is shown and the way it is presented is not true. They show a world that’s too pretty, too good to be true, and too much like a fairy tale’s world. It’s impossible to encapsulate an experience of remolding or flipping a house in in 22 to 48 minutes on TV. Only if negotiations are imagined they are not hammered out in seconds over fancy cocktails. People are selective and indecisive. For a person who has done fix and flip it’s a very long and arduous process.

TV doesn’t tell the whole story, where hosts renews rundown houses and rake in profits. This lures a normal person to get curious about the flipping game to make some serious cash.

Many investors who have worked in this business know that most of the figures shown on the TV are fake, for them such fix and flip shows are absolutely scary. An average viewer is tricked to think that by investing just a little money, a shabby house could be turned around, and sold at high price.

Here’s are a few realities of these fake reality TV shows for those new comers who consider these shows as educational material invests their savings and start off. Many people who have left the comfort of their good-paying jobs to venture into real estate over time, they face terrible consequences.

Acting Up

First of all it’s too over-the-top. On the show people are commanding and shouting at workers. This is not how thing work in real life. For such investors it would be very difficult to stay in market.

Not Every Home Flipped Makes Profit

Only the most tempting projects are chosen by the producers that is a very small percentage. Which means that every house fixed and flipped doesn’t make it to the TV.

Incorrect Math

In almost all shows the cost of remodeling is not true. They don’t add the holding costs, closing cost etc. The numbers are all scripted, even the end sale price is also fake.

Not ideal conditions

The homes that are fixed and flipped on the show are usually not in ideal neighbors. The location of the house is very important as it affects the selling of the house and appreciation with time.

Buying Problems

While many shows on TV show that there a line of buyer’s trying to buy the house that is fixed and flipped. But it’s not true. Just like locating such a house for rehab is difficult, similarly finding potential buyers for the house is also very tiring and hard.

No research and analysis

Unlike reality, the investors on the show know each and everything from market prices to repair costs. Real investors are busy all the time researching about the various factors regarding the buying selling and rehab of the house. There are just so many small problems that the investor himself have to give to. Then how come the investors on TV have memorized every single detail in in their mind without moving their pinky finger? Because it’s all scripted.

Too fast

The shows show real estate investment as “quick rich scheme”. That is not true. The real investors know how problematic and time consuming it is to only find a suitable house for rehab in the first place. Buying fi and flip renting all these processes need plenty of time. The deal is not made in seconds.

The renovation of the house takes even longer than buying the house.