Self Esteem and Confidence

Almost everyone would like to have more self esteem. Even people who already have healthy confidence can usually benefit by improving their level of self esteem. The following five self esteem tips can help you feel more self-assured, and more in control in your life — no matter what is going on around you. The Lost Ways Review Every individual has both strengths and weaknesses. While most of us feel very good about our strengths, we usually have negative feelings about our perceived weaknesses. But one of the best self esteem tips is to practice complete acceptance of both your strengths AND your weaknesses.

It’s easy for us to feel confident about areas of life that come easily to us. But a sign of real self esteem in a person is when they are comfortable with their limitations and weaknesses too. Become comfortable with your weaknesses, and learn to practice acceptance. After all, your weaknesses are part of you too, and they deserve the same respect as your strengths.

Practice positivity as a way of life. Most of us go through our day on “autopilot” to a great extent. Unfortunately, if your autopilot is thinking in a negative or self-critical way, over time this can have a damaging effect on your self esteem and confidence. And all the self esteem tips in the world can’t really help you if you’re constantly reinforcing bad “thinking habits” by thinking negatively.

The solution is to practice being an unashamedly positive person. Look for the silver lining in every situation. This is not being a Pollyanna; but rather, it is retraining your mind to look for the best in yourself and in other people. Over time, a positive mental outlook always produces greater self esteem and feelings of self-worth.

Build yourself “up” instead of putting yourself “down.” Everyone has an inner voice, and some of our inner voices tend to constantly criticize our every thought, behavior and attribute. You wouldn’t put up with a friend or acquaintance who constantly criticized you this way, so why put up with an inner voice that does the same thing?