Let’s stay on track and track our stays

Cut a slice of chicken, chew it, swallow, repeat.

Andela bootcamp is where you learn to use a hundred tools(not actually up to a hundred but somewhere around it) simultaneously. It can be daunting and frustrating at first but the moment you get a hang of them, you have reached a place of no return.

One tool that has interested me is Pivotal Tracker. Me love it.

Let’s talk a little about Pivotal Tracker

image from pivotaltracker.com

Pivotal Tracker is a project-planning/management tool that helps software development teams/individual form realistic expectations about when work might be completed based on the team’s/individual’s ongoing performance.

What benefits does this tool have?

  • Tracker helps you visualize your projects in the form of stories. This encourages you to break down your projects into manageable chunks and bits. Every feature in your project can be written as a story.
A feature story on pivotal tracker
  • Tracker allows you to estimate and prioritize your project stories. Prioritizing your stories means that you know what needs to be done urgently and what can be kept for later. You can assign points to each story and divide them into future iterations. From these iterations you can accurately predict when you or your team will complete the project.
  • One beautiful thing I particularly love about tracker is that it integrates well with Github. Your work progress on github can be tracked through your commits and your pull requests.
A completed feature story showing github activity and tasks completed

The list of benefits is endless. Keeping track of your work will never be difficult again. Great tool for teams. Great tool for your personal project. Simply amazing.

Keep learning, keep growing. This is Andela.