What if one tomorrow morning the person you are ignoring for a while never wakes up? Would you regret your pride?

What if I told you there are millions starving at this moment, would you regret dumping the last part of your rice away?

What if I told you that someone you know has been diagnosed with cancer, would you regret complaining about your life?

What if I told you that you were to be gone tomorrow, would you regret how much more you could have made out of life?

Regret is the worst pain, it is beyond tolerance. It either kills you or makes your life a living hell.
So here’s what, avoid it. If you’re up at the mountains standing in front of the zip line thinking “Should I?”, Stop right there, don’t think. Don’t think at all, just do it.
If you’re at your place thinking “ Is it really worth it?, You know what, yes it is. Close your computer and rush for the airport to bid her farewell.
Yo students, I know right now you’re like “ Imma wake up real early for them 5 English questions, finish reading the chapter in the bus, type up the assignment at lunch, have it proof read by the next class, type up the final draft in those 5 minutes of class transitions and submit it in on time” Um.. I’ve been there. It’s NOT gonna happen. Go and work on it right now.
If you are someone like me whose thinking “Should I really post this?” lol well High5 bruh! Here goes my article, hope to see yours too.

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