Maybelline Mascara Review

So I was browsing around the chemist, looking at the mascaras. Usually my staple mascara is L’Oreals Double Extension, but I really couldn’t afford £10 this time round, and I fancied a little change. I’m also a person who is addicted to 2- step mascaras, and I now find it hard to buy a ‘normal’ one as I don’t find I’m getting enough volume!So anyway, I was browsing around when I found this. I really would have preferred the ‘Intense XXL’ version, but this plain XXL one had £2 knocked off so price won and I paid a pretty reasonable £6.99. Onto the mascara.

If you didn’t already know, this is a two step mascara, consisting of a white primer (or base coat) and a black mascara. The packaging is a blister pack, which is unusual for a mascara, but I quite like it as I know no- one has been fiddling with my mascara or testing it in the shop! The mascara itself is just your average 2 step style- on end is a small tube of primer and the other the mascara. The blurb on the website says:“Want over-sized, spectacular lashes that scream BOTH volume and length — It’s time to try Maybelline Intense XXL Volume & Length Mascara our most outrageous lash look with up to 10x the volume and 50% more length.”

WOW! Sounds great, doesn’t it? I was excited. Opening the tube of the primer, i was greeted with a flimsy looking brush, that certinly didn’t look capable of much. But I didn’t give up yet, I would give it a fair chance. On application, no white showed on my lashes at all. This was a change from my L’oreal mascara.

Following the instructions on the packet that told me to apply the mascara STRAIGHT after the primer, I wasted no time. The mascara brush was densley packed with bristles, more rounded, and a MUCH better shape. The mascara went on easily, and I had perfectley seperated, black lashes. But they just looked like my lashes except black (I have blonde lashes!). It was a natural look!Needless to say, I wasn’t pleased in the slightest. So I tried again, this time putting on 2 coats of primer, and then 2 of mascra. Also, I let each coat dry before the next. This gives me decent lashes that are still perfectly seperated and long! However I can get that look with Double Extension in just 2 coats!

Obviously I will not be repurchasing, I will be sticking to my staple mascara and I won’t be straying away from it again! I can’t help but feel that it was the brush of the primer that let this mascara down. If you own this, then have a look and you will set a great brush for the black, but for the primer the bristles are sparse and short, and the brush is basically crap. I find that this really affects results. I also think that the non- sale price of this mascara is ridiculous! Ah well.. at least i tried it!

Maybelline Define-a-Lash Mascara has sexy packaging and an excellent brush. Too bad the actual product is pretty average.

Maybelline markets the newest member of its family of mascaras as a “lengthening zero clump mascara” that guarantees to be clump-free through use of a “built-in-wiper.”

Furthermore, Mabelline also touts its specially shaped brush as one that will elongate, accentuate, and perfectly define lashes.

So does Maybelline Define-a-Lash Mascara work?

The part about being clump-free is true. Define-a-Lash includes a very nice rubber-bristled applicator brush that’s contoured to hug your lashes and allow you to easily apply mascara right at the roots of your lashes — all while keeping dreaded clumps at bay.

Unfortunately, what accolades this mascara gains in being clump-free, is lost by virtue of the fact that it doesn’t add exceptional length or thickness and it tends to uncurl the lashes.

While the curling problem might be remedied when the waterproof version of Define-a-Lash comes out, I’m not thrilled with this product and I still think that if you’re looking for a good, smear-proof (but not waterproof), drugstore mascara, you’re better off with something like Max Factor Lash Lift.

This Maybelline mascara is a true classic and has been around for about fifty years. Frequently billed as the number one mascara on the cosmetic market, I have bought several tubes of this product over the last ten years.

Recently when my current brand of mascara ran out, I decided to buy a tube of Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in brownish black. I have a very fair complexion, and true black mascara is too dark for me, this Maybelline brownish black colour is perfect for me!

This Maybelline Mascara is very easy to apply. Despite having a basic brush, I find it a lot easier to manipulate it around my eyelashes than a lot of the more expensive mascaras that boast curved brushes. The product itself does have an odour that I don’t like, but it quickly disappears when the product is applied to my eyelashes.

The most amazing thing that I find about wearing Maybelline Great Lash Mascara is how soft my eyelashes are! Most mascara’s cause clumping in my eyelashes or don’t look natural. This product makes me look like I have naturally dark lashes that are soft and actually move!

I recommend this classic mascara to any woman. Maybelline Great Lash Mascara 102 in brownish black is a great shade for women who have fair complexions like me and retails for only $7.99CDN.