Don’t Promise ‘Forever’


Don’t promise ‘forever’ because you cannot deliver the infinite. Even the numerous gods of the Mesopotamians could not save them from disappearance. So what makes you better, stronger or wiser to think you can deal with the limitless?

It’s more than just a saying or meaningless words because statements are woven by threads of beliefs. What you think is what you believe. What you say is what you’ve conceived. What you promise is a commitment. Don’t be a hypocrite to offer what you don’t mean.

Also don’t expect someone’s ‘forever”, even if they swore it at one point. It’s not that they lied or that they connived. Just that they believed, at that point, their love for you was boundless. It was all that they need. But like the spiralling and speckled Milky Way, there are limits and they are finite. Such is love and such is relationships. It will die and it will end. “ I love you” becomes “ I don’t care.” And “ I won’t forget”? Wait, what was it again?

If you love someone then promise them ‘now’. Know that in time and space, you are just a speck. You have no influence and hold no guarantees. Yet in the only realm of which you are the master, the now, you choose to be present with them instead.

For as long as you can, you will wake up each day, and make another conscious decision to love them again. To not take them as a given but treat love like it needs to be won and re-learned over and over again.

That will be your holy commitment, your promise, and your honour. You know it will end. Death is imminent. So you promise to wholeheartedly love them now instead.