Make your App Viral with these Mobile App Marketing Tips

Jul 5, 2017 · 5 min read

Everyone wants to have a successful mobile app but not everyone is good at promoting the mobile app. Interestingly, out of thousands of mobile apps being released everyday, only a handful of them get noticed. Promoting an app is becoming more like a gruesome battle where competitors don’t give mercy to you. Don’t lose hope as there is still some ways to get back those high ROIs that you have been craving for a long time. Read on to know mobile app marketing tips to get high ROIs.

Check out a few mobile app marketing tips to boost your marketing campaigns and grab some serious number of eyeballs.

Tip #1 : Initiate Online Promotions at the Right Time

A right marketer never waits for the fateful day rather prefers to start promotions way ahead of app release. In fact, this is the secret recipe for the right mobile app marketing to achieve success for your business. But, make sure you hit right, means, promote it when your mobile app is fully functional. The interface must not be left half-baked so that landing customers complain about it. The first impression is the last impression and it especially applies incase of mobile apps.

Tip #2 : Craft an Appealing Logo for Optimum Impact

Believe it or not, visual appeal of your app icon is the selling point. Sounds funny? It isn’t when you come to know that most people download those apps that have fancy icons. So, why not make it cool to grab more eyeballs? After all, at the end of the day, you also expect more downloads.

Tip #3 : Create a Compelling Description of Your App

No doubt, apps are developed to gain profits and without a meaningful storytelling, they just don’t exist. Put a little passion in a compelling storytelling in your app description and see people hitting up the download button. The magic of words works for sure if you craft them in an engaging and persuasive way encouraging potential customers for an action. The more digestible your app story is, the more conversions you could expect.

Tip #4 : Create a Website to Synergize With Marketing Efforts

With a huge presence of users on App stores, they help you acquire new customers, of course. But there should be someplace where your potential customers can land and get converted. This is where owning a website for app promotions help. After all, you just can’t entirely get dependent on App Stores for promotions. By having a website with a meaningful content and right SEO strategy, you can easily redirect them to App Stores to market your mobile app and get conversions.

Tip #5 : Create an Effective App Store Presence

Making your entry might be easy for many but most apps fail miserably when it is about making an impact with strategic mobile app marketing at regular intervals. As soon as you deploy your app for release, make sure that you optimize the content with SEO keywords that matter for your business. Lay emphasis on demand-driven titles and include reviews. Use pixel perfect screenshots to let your users know how your app works. The perfect example for this is the manner in which Prisma strategized app marketing and went viral with huge number of app downloads to its credit.

Tip #6 : Craft a Powerful PR Strategy

Weave a successful PR strategy to lay the groundwork for promoting mobile apps. Don’t have one? Create one that could bring together journalists, bloggers and other useful identities you think could create that wow effect in your PR strategy. Cover your events with PR releases with videos to promote them online and reward success in return.

Tip #7 : Gain Reviews Naturally

Reviews help know people where your app stands in terms of quality, functionality and delivery. Needless to say, positive reviews motivate people to download your app. You must have a strong strategy at place to drive reviews that come naturally to you. Promote your app on social media channels and let your users have their say about your product. Make sure that you don’t spam your app with paid reviews to avoid getting penalized by Google.

Tip #8 : Guest Post to Redirect Traffic from High Traffic Websites

Want to make your app buzz on the streets? Leverage guest posting to create that effect that will scale your business growth. Aim for leading publications such as Mashable, The Next Web, etc. to gain leads from their customer base.

Tip #9 : Prepare for Email Blasts

Let the whole world know about your app. Target every social media channel, be it Instagram or Facebook, let everyone know what your app delivers. You may use Twitter or any other platform to collect the leads for your email blast campaigns for getting conversion via email marketing.

Tip #10 : Target Right Customer Leveraging In-App Video Ads

There is no point of getting downloads that users quickly uninstall a little while later. You need to engage with the right target market and right customers who are actively looking for the services your app delivers. So, how would you get that targeted customers that could stay with you for a long time? Better partner with in-app video ads that help you acquire the right audience to scale your business growth in the long-term.

These meaningful pointers might have spurred some new ideas in your mind to crack more online visibility for your app. Promoting a mobile app is a piece of cake, if you know where and how to hit the market with your mobile app marketing techniques and strategies. There are no shortcuts to success and it is not just the marketing that is essential the development is equally essential as well that sets the base for seamless app marketing and so hiring a leading mobile app developer should be top on your list. Enjoy more leads, more sales and more business as you implement these little yet powerful tactics in your app’s marketing plans.


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Prismetric is an ISO 9001:2015 certified Mobile App Development company based in India and USA.

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