Yes, Organic Farming Will Kill Us All
Chris Newman

Well done, Jan Steinman.

You leave this comment:

Precisely. It is a belief, rather than something based on evidence. That explains the religious fervour, whereas scientists tend to be open to new evidence that conflicts with previous findings.

I see no evidence that you are willing to consider the evidence I supplied, so we’re through, now.

… and then block me from responding to you. Quite cowardly behaviour. But I agree, if you cannot stand the heat then you don’t belong in the kitchen.

Not “beliefs”, not “religious fervour”, but thanks for the patronicising comments.

The benefits of a plant-base diet have been scientifically proven time and time and time again. For me personally: lowered cholesterol, lowered blood sugar, a drop in weight, greater energy, greater vitality.

If meat eaters are such firm believers that eating meat is good for you then I suggest consuming red meat at every meal. I wonder how that might impact health? Because the foods I consume can be consumed at every meal and only increase good health and longevity. It’s a win for me, for other human beings, for the planet. Not opinion. FACT. Live with it, Jan Steinman. As hard as they may be for you.

Perhaps you don’t have a credible argument and that’s why you choose to block people rather than discussing this topic. Just a tad too confrontational for you, to challence your firmly held belief systems? Frankly, not my problem. We are each responsible for our choices. Not my job to convince you or anyone of anything. All I can do is share my experience.

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