A day without my phone…

Today first time I realised how much our life has become dependent on phone. We can’t leave out of our home without it, and if we forget it at home, we become restless to an extend that we believe we have left some important part of ourselves at home.

I went through same feeling today, but it was deliberate attempt. Here I am sharing you my today’s “No Mobile Day” experience…

Let me ask you, what would happen, if you leave your phone at home on purpose? I mean, for just for a few hours.

Would you feel bad, stressed, unsafe and unhappy?

What would happen, if for just a few hours you don’t see what your friends wrote on Facebook, WhatsApp or other social network?

Would you feel an anxiety like a addict, who has been deprived of daily dose?

I am sure, youngsters can hardly imagine how the world would be before the cellular phone era. This small instrument has become such an integral part of our lives and we cannot imagine life without it. Actually, this anxiety has penetrated to kids too who are addicted to playing games on their parents or grandparents mobile or tablet.

Today I realised that people used to live well before the age of phone. I was more aware of what was happening around me, unlike today, I had divided attention between the screen of the phone and the world around me.

Today’s experiment taught me some important things like:

  • I focused on every small incident and moment that happened around me. I was more aware of world around me.
  • I felt more energetic & satisfied at the end of the day as I accomplished old and new pending tasks with perfection
  • Felt more connected with every person I met and not as virtual relationship
  • Even food I ate tasted differently.. :)

I would strongly suggest you to try this experiment someday.

For just one day, when you leave home to go to work, don’t take your phone with you. Leave it at home. Can you do that?

I can imagine hearing you say, “What! I wouldn’t do that. This is absolutely impossible.” Just the thought of being without your phone, even for a short while will probably make you feel stressed.

Let me ask you, “Who’s the boss, you, or your phone?”

Now, you might bring up a lot of reasons why you need to have your phone with you:

  • “What if your wife or husband needs you?”
  • “What if there is some emergency and you need a phone?”
  • “You need to connect with your friends.”
  • “You need to read the news.”

These are just a few of the many such excuses you might think of. All the reasons are right, but people lived without phones, and they lived quite well without them. Find a alternatives for above excuses like keeping your closed-once informed about alternate no. if required. It’s okay, if no one knows where you are for a few hours. It won’t be the end of the world.

Off-course leaving your smartphone at home requires lot of inner strength and willpower; but that’s another great way for developing these powers.. :)

If you are able to do it, it will feel as real achievement and a great gain.


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