Advancing the future of Cloud Computing with Crowd Machine

Reach of internet is ever expanding and with that every day new users are getting added and connected to rest of the the world.

Concept of cloud computing has came from the same need. To increase the processing power of your applications so that it can reach to the end user in every corner of the world easily.

No matter if you are a developer , Business owner , engineer or independent blogger. As your user base increases you will need to bring more reliable and effective system to handle this ever growing traffic and provide smooth and fast access to your product.

So where does the cloud computers fit into this ?
As you might probably know that everything that exists on internet is stored on variety of devices known as the Servers.

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Now when you want to launch a digital product no matter how big or small you will need to put it on the highly reliable servers for better performance.

Lets take a example of jack
Jack runs a person blog where he talks abut the investment In stock market. He runs this blog on his own server.

He has just started this new blog and the number of visitors on his blog are limited to 50 to 500. In this particular case jack’s server is more that enough to handle that load. he is doing perfectly fine.

After couple months his visitor count gets increased to 1000 to 10000 per day and now his server are getting exhausted because of the increased traffic , so jack decides to increase his hardware (Hard disk , Ram , Processor) and he buys new stuff and upgrades his server.

After several months guess what happens ? yup , you guessed it right . visitors count of the blog has gone way up and Jack is in trouble.

Do you see the problem here ? here are couple of them.
1. Jack will have to buy more stuff and upgrade his server manually every few months.
2. Computer Hardware is not chip. He will need considerable amount of funds.
3. Jack will have to take care of the server on his own. you know the regular clean up , software updates , Maintenance etc..
4. Point 3 is hard job because it takes up a lot of time so jack will have to manage between blogging and maintaining his servers.
5. At some point if jack decided to sell/close his blog then what will he do with all the servers that he has setup manually ? do he sell it ? Keep with him in-case in future he decides to restart his blogging ?

Now Jack can do all the above by himself or let some one else do it. And by doing so he will save much of this otherwise wasted resources and time.

Better option for Jack is to turn to Cloud Computing

So let’s see how cloud computing will save jack.

Cloud computing is an information technology (IT) paradigm that enables ubiquitous access to shared pools of configurable system resources and higher-level services that can be rapidly provisioned with minimal management effort, often over the Internet. Cloud computing relies on sharing of resources to achieve coherence and economies of scale, similar to a public utility. — Wikipedia

In other words “You pay for what you use”

With cloud computing jack will be able to add or remove the resources like hard disks , processors , ram etc.. as per his need. And this resources will exists with the cloud service providers so that he will be able to carry on with his work with less management effort and will be able to more focus on his product.

Do you know who are these service provides ?
Many companies in the industry are specialized in the cloud computing like Amazon , Microsoft , Google , Alibaba etc…

You can buy the server space with this service providers and they will take care of the rest. Your basic needs are taken care of and you are free to focus just on your product. and if need arises to increase your hardware.. Well then you are just few clicks away..

Limitation of Centralized platforms
Platforms like Amazon and Azure run and maintain their own server farms but as they are centralized what will happen if they run out of space to host other applications ? or they have a glitch into their servers ? The answer is disastrous. Plus their price range is very high and it might not be suitable for the small applications.

So, Today I am going to tell you about a platform that does all of the above and provides tones of additional features and functionality that benefits everyone including developers and non-technical persons.

Crowd Machine
Crowd Machine is aiming to provide same services but on a Decentralized network where average internet users will be able to participate into the platform and in return they will be awarded with CMCT tokens as a payment.

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Crowd Machine is a blokchain based platform aiming to take cloud computing to the next level.All the features and functionalities are broken down into 3 different components

Watch this video for the quick Introduction of the Platform.

Let’s have a look and try to understand what are these components and how they will work.

1. Crowd Computer

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The Crowd Computer consists of a peer-to-peer network of Crowd Virtual Machines (“CVM”) that run on the peer devices.

Lets break down each word so that we can have a clear idea of what above statement is trying to say.

Do you know what Virtual Machine is ?
In Layman’s terms VM is a emulation of the computer. Lets see a example to understand what does it mean ?

Suppose you are using a Windows Machine right now and suddenly you need a Ubuntu OS on your system. now what will you do ? Would you remove windows and install Ubuntu ? or buy a new system and install it there ?

Simple answer is NO for both option.

What you will do is that you will install a software like virtualbox that allows you to run more than one operating system at a time and once software is installed you can install and use Ubuntu in that environment without compromising your current system architecture.

This environment is called virtual Machine .

Peer To Peer Network :
A network where devices are connected to each other to share data with each other or with selected users.

Now that we have cleared the terms lets see what Crowd Computer means ?

A virtual network that runs on the peer (connected with each other) devices.

The Current State of Cloud Computing and how this platform will benefit the end users (Developers & General Population)?

Do you remember jack the blogger ? After closing his blog he has that device just laying around and doing nothing.

Jack can monetize his system by connecting it to the Crowd Computer so that Crowd Computer can offer that computational power to the developers and companies at a cheaper cost and in exchange jack(consumer) will be awarded with CMCT (Crowd Machine Compute Token). With Crowd Computer jack will have a opportunity to earn and partake in the platform.

Diagram Illustration of How Crowd Computers will be function.

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After Crowd Computers lets move to the Crowd App Studio

Crowd App Studio

Are you a developer ? Do you feel left out in world of blockchain technology ? May be you don’t know the language or don’t have enough resources to start learning.

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Well Crowd App Studio is to the Rescue :
Crowd App Studio is a revolutionary application where you will be able to bring your ideas to life with very little to no programming knowledge.

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Crowd App Studio provides a interface where user can draw their applications with drag and drop functionality. With this users will be able to their develop applications with much less development efforts which will be cost and time efficient.

Do you want to know how this platform will benefit the end users (Developers & General Population)?

Lets take a example of our dear friend Jack.

Jack is a investment blogger and he doesn’t know much about the programming but with Crowd App Studio’s drag and drop interface he will be able to build awesome decentralized applications that primary will revolve around his field of interest.

He will create different components of his applications and turn his business around , and to do this he will only need Business Logic (logic maps) of how his application and it’s components will work. rest can be taken care by the Crowd App Studio.

Now after Crowd App Studio lets see the final component of the Crowd Machine

Crowd Share

Crowd Share is a platform similar to the play stores like Google and Apple Play stores but with some additional features.

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Crowd Share will be a Combination of GitHub and an app store where developers will be able to maintain their code efficiently with methods like Version control and directly publish their code into the app store.

Do you know the typical development and publishing process of apps ?
Git and Githhub allows multiple users to contribute on the different or same project and provides the ability to maintain each chunk of code with efficient version controlling methods.

For example whenever developers develop a new functionality or bug fixes then it is a process to mark the project with Version so that in future if need arises then developers can easily find relevant code.

After adding the appropriate version , project/app gets published. These are 2 separate manual process.

Crowd Share will combine these 2 different things , there by making entire process cost and time saving.

how this will help end users (Developers & General Population)?
In Addition to developing entire applications users will also be able to develop and share different components/snippets (separately developed micro apps that perform a certain task) on the platform.

Other developers can use this already build components/snippets thus decreasing the redundancy to develop everything from stretch.

In turn for their services the platform will distribute royalty-like payments to the contributors/developers. Crowd Share will establish a strong data base of tools and code that will allow developers to use them as building blocks for their own development.

Now that we know all three components of the Crowd Machine platform are you ready to see how they work together ?
Lets visit our friend Jack again and see how he utilizes the Crowd Machine Platform.

Do you remember all the hardware that jack had laying around basically useless to him ?

Well now he has connected his devices to the crowd computer and he is earning CMCT tokens from them.

He also wanted to create an app so he is using Crowd App Studio for that. In his application he had 5 requirements (R1 , R2 , R3 , R4 and R5).

He found out that someone has already created R1 , R2 and R3 so he went ahead and used those by making a payment with CMCT tokens. He developed rest of the two requirement using studio with no programming knowledge and after that he published his application.

Jack has also created few snippets of his own and he has placed it in the Crowd Share , so whenever someone uses it then jack is going to earn some tokens.

After all Jack has nailed it.

CMCT Tokens

ERC20 type Crowd Machine Compute Token (CMCT) tokens and created by Crowd Machine and these tokens will be used as a payment on the platform.

Developers and companies will be able to purchase computing power from Crowd Computer as well as they will be able to create and use code snippets (micro apps) with help of Crowd App studio and Crowd Share.


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Please do your own research before using any of the services of any platform or making any kind of investments. this post is not the endorsement of Crowd Machine


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