Sharing learnings from my experience as an AI Product Manager

In my last blog, I shared my journey to a PM for ML Services and this write up is an attempt to share my experience on the foundational non-AI factors that influence AI products.

In a world where AI remains the icing on the cake and grabs all the attention right from inception to an AI product release, but in reality, it is only a piece of the pie and not the end-to-end solution.

Working as Product manager for Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning products that enhance consumer facing experiences…

Well, there are many training consultants/ blogs that have guided certification paths for developers, this article is for aspiring product managers to get into this niche space of Machine Learning.

Machine Learning is one of the top trending technologies and I am sure will be taken over by something interesting in less than a decade; say quantum computing. Again, to be clear this is not a race but the “need of the hour”.

While it comes to a career in product management, there are different flavors of product management but ultimately crux is the ability to deliver a product that…

Prithvi Narina

People, Problem Solving and Technology are exciting to me. Played several roles in my career ranging from s/w developer, Program and to Product development.

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