This is not the Game of Thrones article you are looking for.

All though it is in fact an article about Game of Thrones. One I hope you’ll like, so that then we may call it a ‘good’ or perhaps maybe even a ‘fairly decent’ article at that.

Any which way,Game of Thrones seems to very well have created and polarised two distinct communities of people. Both of which inhabit most of the inhabitable and ‘civilised’ world.

Let’s then, for fun, and to save the purpose of additional explanation call them the Gots and the Gotnots. (See?)

It seemed that every Monday and/or a day an episode of Season 7 leaked, these two communities shone in their respective presences and were visible in their absences.

I’ve enjoyed witnessing the mild annoyed ignorance or perhaps the ignorant annoyance (they’re different), in full view on what we call social media and also casual conversation.

It appeared to me that an oddly interesting cultural shift. Or perhaps a social psychological shift which occurred, either way in terms of the westernised and literarily aware, this shift was on a massive basis.

While it seemed that the (I dare say, and more on which presently) ubiquitous TV had truly found itself.

Internally among its culturally and racially diverse fanbase, it has sprouted subculture of its own in the form of theories and plot leaks and the like. While these are utterly and marvellously interesting they are not the subject of today’s little educated tirade. Not really.

What I speak of is far more.. peculiar and arguably far from coincidental. This is about the Nongots really. No Marxist lingo reference intended.

You see, the very idea that an idea as vividly ideated by the ideamongers of the likes of Martin, Weiss and Benioff. And ideamongers is what they are because what they sell is ever so brilliantly are their ideas. Coated and animated and European accented, they sell us their ideas. Not forgetting Martin’s creation and wholly different genius.

It’s these very ideagypsies, and their own 7 kingdoms consisting of us real people hailing from cities in countries across all but one continent in the habitable world, like it or not, got (do not forgive the pun) the Nongots into the game. Heh.

They’re in on it too, the Nongots. Whether it’s in the personal conversations consisting of lines like ‘ugh Gots’ or profiles bearing such brash affirmations of ‘What’s Game of Thrones?’ and the like, their negation does not come without acknowledgement.

With us Gots everywhere and all the time, on or off season, it’s hard to imagine news feeds, instagram feeds and those gosh darn stories everywhere without Game of Thrones everywhere.

Every found yourself isolated from a conversation involving an element of pop culture you didn’t know well? Or isolating someone for not knowing it well?

I’m trying to tell you that it happens significantly enough to have caused a cultural movement which exists all over the world in much the same way as a religion would. While religions have their own myths, so does popular culture. All their aspects are imaginary but we hold our interests in them in much the same way we would the laws that govern us, or the artificial companies we work in and buy from.

Game of thrones is here to stay, and in some senses never go away, not till our dying day, not till we’re old and grey and yes that was an Eminem reference. Who incidentally and very similarly, isn’t going anywhere either.

How do I know these things, these awful terrible things? One might ask.

My answer is as true as I possibly know it to be, and it’s simply this; I dream and I know things. It’s what I do.