The Heineken Ad Is Worse Than The Pepsi Ad, You’re Just Too Stupid To Know It
The DiDi Delgado

Okay, so here goes. On my first reading of that blog post I thought it made some fair points with contradictions, but on my second reading I found it massively privileged, biased, hateful and fallacious.

Most importantly, to me at least, is the writers blatant inability to objectively assess the advert. Not even in the alleged self criticism. Even the title is hateful and bound to provoke an uninitiated mind with a fragility ego (most middle class and working class people)

As much as I hate to admit it, I am left leaning only because I believe in fighting for the underdog, no matter what the situation. And that fight is important, while at the same time I concur that communism and socialism are perhaps more dangerous than capitalism with their secrecies and that capitalism is in fact the most efficient and inseparable economic motivator to the propagation (and suffering and likely Annihilation) of our species. 
Every communist state in history has ended up autocratic or a state capitalist, unfortunately.
The Let's true purpose is to be critical of extreme rightism, capitalism or extreme leftism as well. It's existence is because of the exclusionary nature and resulting problems with the Right and the Right masquerading as Left.

The author of the blog starts off with creating a negative, insulting and hostile atmosphere for readers to perceive her criticism.

She's committing ad homnium throughout, first with her dissing Heineken as the 3rd worst beer (wow she knows and can afford a shit tonne of different beers to tell)

Capitalism has worked in this case to create the ad and use a simple to build bar from Ikea, which doesn't make it racist, just more efficient.

She denies the right to expression in the form of airtime to climate change deniers. That's fucking fascism. 
"I may not agree with what you say, but I will give my life for your right to say it."
- Evelyn Beatrice Hall (The Friends of Voltaire)

Humorously, it is also fun to show the world that people who deny climate change are out there and need to be educated, not ignored and shunned in the way a castist would deny humanity to a fellow human.

The writer is not of the race of the people who run Heineken and presumably the firm which made this ad. Throughout her piece she is upset at not being represented, she is more racist than anyone she accuses. The ad actually normalises race in a way too subtle for her to apparently detect. She wants to cry spot the black person among a crowd of people with different ethnicities. Bitter self-racism at its core.

She's calling the bald white conservative a hillbilly in every word but 'hillbilly' by saying the ad and he are transphobic. To imagine anyone could come out of their comfort zone so instantly if he were to have been made to meet a 'fat black trans woman without finances for transition' she is ignorant of the fact that the fact that he was able to meet a woman of a similar ethnicity would make his transition (if I may be so kind) into being more open minded to people and transition is going to happen gradually. You don't shock people into submitting their beliefs. That fascism again. You give them a fair chance, which this ad has done in depicting. Quite well.

She being fat phobic, racist, transphobic in that she's making negatives out of all she's stating.

I'm truly upset that she wrote this blog post, all she's done is create a hostile environment to some really progressive thinking and hopeful positivity. I hope she finds a cure to her bitterness and at least stops attacking a positive idea and breeding more negativity.

Alcohol has been something to bond over, made decisions over and trade over (yes capitalism came before communism) (trade in this ad happens after the experiment is 90% complete) across millenia and across cultures the world over since human beings discovered how to distill and ferment. It's an archetype among archetypes. Teetotalers may seek to deny this, but partake in her fallacy of

She also casts red herrings (as diversionary tactics) like her manipulative usage of ideas (the hypothetical Mexican she conjures as an artificial justification for her racism allegation) and is full of deductive illogical arguments.

This ad is hopeful, positive, logical, understanding, and positive. So much so that to me, and perhaps a large number of viewers, that it isn't even the brand of Heineken being advertised as much as human empathy is.

But there will always be critics. Sometimes critics who miss the point in the own fervent zealotry.

However that's just my perspective. I'm physically upset now having to have written all of this and I'm going to watch some cinematography on Vimeo to try to cheer up.

Thank you for this bittersweet experience.

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