I heard my eyes..

Happiness meant Photography to me!

It was 7.30 when I woke up this morning. Since it was the spring, the sunlight already managed to peep through the windows of my room. I heard my mom calling me that I was late as usual. She started the motor pump to fill the water tank, the sound of the motor pump was very annoying. I was not in the mood to go to the office. It was almost a year that I got placed through my college campus and started working. I was very happy that I got a job immediately after my result. Initially, everything was great. Undergoing training and then working on the project, every work I was doing was new for me. But as the time passed, things started getting monotonous. Weekdays became longest days of my life, weekends the shortest one. Like any corporate slave, I started waiting for weekends. Once the weekend came it used to end quickly and again the weekdays used to eat my mind. So it was straight that I was fed up with my routine. I used to pass my weekend watching movies, hanging with friends and roaming the parts of my city which I never visited. But eventually doing the same things on weekends, which I thought was fun made my routine extremely boring.

I had this hobby of photography. It was ironic that during my engineering course I learned much about photography compare to my academic lessons. As I went to the cupboard to get my clothes I saw my Camera. Months passed the camera was there at the same place. I saw it, then I started staring it, imagining the camera in my hand. Remembering the days of college and long trips, the happiness I experienced while I used to capture the people’s expressions was limitless. The feeling of love towards nature was evolved when I captured the greenery of Lavasa and Tamhini Ghat as we drove our bikes through the dense fog. Sitting on the beach under the blue sky, gazing the sea waves and feeling the cold wind was one of the most pleasant moment of my life. The partial color effect beautifully captured the snap teaching me the importance of every single color to complete the picture. Drowned in the memories, I heard my mother calling me for the breakfast. I thought of carrying the camera to the office. Maybe the usual day will be an unusual one if I took my camera. I smiled, looking towards it, there was somewhere the feeling of laziness hidden inside me which had taken control of my mind since many days. I was confident that today I am going to take my camera with me. My hands went on it. I was happy.

And there the boredom arrived. It made my hand froze. There was a clash between this emerging good feeling and the old, rotten and complex lazy feeling. They both struggled, they fought. This war of thought went on for a long time and finally my emerging good feeling gave up. It gave up since it was weak. More importantly, it gave up because it was plain, simple and ‘good’. I felt sad. Now there was a question in my mind. Why the ‘good’ feeling gave up? I was completely lost. I kept the camera where it was and I closed the door of the cupboard. I almost smashed the door and the mirror on the door stood in front of me. I looked into the mirror. I saw my face. The war of thoughts was over and I saw the victory of old rotten feeling on my face. The cruel feeling finally overcame and destroyed the weak and good one. I smiled in pain. I saw my face, staring for a long time, I saw my eyes. I looked into them. And there I heard the voice. Yes, they were calling me! The war was not ended.

I opened the door.