My Facebook Page

Since many days I was thinking that whatever I am doing I am contributing nothing or very least to people of my country. Since I am doing a job and many other engaging things to earn money which further I may invest in my country people, I thought that will be fine but will be late. I mean who has seen tomorrow. I may not be able to help them if things go wrong.

So I decided to spend at least small time for people of our society. I thought of many things and since due to lack of ample time I cannot go out on the ground and do work for society.

Then I thought about this idea. These many days while talking to people I came across one thing that many people don’t know about. Many good things are happening around them and of those things they can actually make use for the betterment of their health, living, thoughts, and everything.

Like for example government schemes, good laws, latest citizen rights, consumer rights, farmers rights and schemes, students and women rights and schemes etc. and many other schemes passed for a common man by the legislature, the executives and the judiciary.

Many of our countrymen are completely unaware about these things only because of lack of promotion of it. Even educated people are completely unaware of such news.

So I decided to create a Facebook Page “Voice of Awareness” where one can help to spread and promote news which is extremely useful to a common man of this country. Since most of us are now on Facebook rather than news channel I thought of catching the crowd their itself. Do join it and help to spread the awareness.