How to Easily Migrate From Gmail to Outlook

Many people want their mails to be safe and want to acess their mails offline. For this people need to migrate their mails from Gmail to outlook. But If you wont use a trusted software, then migration may get complex. So in this article we Discuss about the Easiest way to migrate all your Mails From Gmail to Outlook.

It’s hard to imagine being without email as it’s embedded into our work and personal lives. Everything from gas bills to shopping receipts to business matters are sent via email, so the question is, what if you lost it? Do have a safe backup/copy of it?

There are messages in your inbox going back years and they contain important information like login details for websites, contacts, business information and so on. Losing it is a frightening thought and it is essential that you back it up. You may never need the backup, but you will be glad you have it if disaster strikes.

Email can be placed into one of two categories according to where it is stored: either online or offline. Examples of online email include Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and Outlook (the new name for Hotmail). As these types of emails can only be access at online only.

But what if when things go wrong? No such email service provider compnay gurrented 100% safe and secure policy for your emails that your emails will not lost or get deleted or your account will never get hacked.

Buy unfortunetly your account may get hacked and you may loose your access to your email account. There has been surge of number of virus attack in recent months and there have been numerous instance where a lapse of concentration or by clicking on any dialog box without reading the message on it will lead to delet whole content of your email account because someone had sent you Virus via email.

All these issues are hard to take seriously because normally users are not aware what if they lost their mails. So its better to do a planning or to spent few time in regular basis to Generate a Safe Backup of your mails to your local hard drive.

Why is it necessary to Generate a safe Backup?

Email plays a very important role in any organisation. As Technology increases risk of hacking also increases. Everyday many hackers try to hack the internet and not a single mail service providers gives you 100% gurantee to make your mails safe. So to play better you have to take regularly backup of your Mails.

So as you can see minor and major importance of migrating emails from Gmail to Outlook.

So today I am going to share you special and very usefull steps to migrate or to generate backup of your Gmail Account.

Google Backup Tool will allow user to generate a safe backup to their computer in PST format so they can further Migrate it into Outlook.

What are the Benefits Of Google Backup Tool?

1. You can Backup The entire Gmail Account

2. Download it in several formats like PST , EML, PDF, MSG and MBOX

3. After downloading , Use can migrate the backup to their respective email clients.

4. The tool provide Pause and Resume advance feature while downloading mailbox data in network interruption.

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