Uncovering Perspectives with Interactive Physicalisation of Data

The physicalization of data in combination with elements of gamification can potentially be an effective way to captivate an audience [1] and to uncover their perspectives. This article presents Put a Pin on It, an interactive physical visualisation exhibited at the Agami Summit in November 2019 by Gramener’s Storylabs.

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The Agami Summit is an annual gathering of changemakers in law and justice with the aim of sharing stories, ideas, and perspectives. This year the theme of the summit was “to touch, feel and shape the future of systems of law and justice” which fit well with the idea of an…

As part of a recent hackathon organised around storytelling and data at Gramener, we thought it would be interesting to create personalised bookmarks that capture the unique interests and personality of our audience.

Data portraits are a well-trodden territory with many works from designers like Giorgia Lupi and Nicholas Felton setting a solid foundation to build upon. Giorgia’s Data Portraits project for TED is particularly inspiring and gave us the idea of creating a visual system that captures and reveals an evocative portrait of the participants.

This post will attempt at conveying the process behind creating a personalised data art…

Priti Pandurangan

Information Designer at Gramener · Searching for the sweetspot between art, design & tech.

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