As I am approaching the end of my Web Development Immersive Bootcamp at Hackeryou/Juno, I can proudly call myself a Web Developer now.

Along this remarkable journey I’ve come to educate myself on so many essential aspects of this field which seemed quite inconsequential when I began this journey but now at the end of these are tips/advises I will carry through my upcoming journey in this lovely world of web development.

Here’s everything I’ve absorbed from everyone around me — Hope this helps someone out there:

Coding is not rocket science — don’t let anyone get you to believe that!

· Notwithstanding with what most people say — it hard but not impossible.

Talking about mental health/illness can be an awkward topic. In my opinion not, everyone likes to get into it or speak up about it.

Think about it — it shouldn’t be harder to talk about than flu or diarrhea? But it is.

When mental health is brought up, somehow the most important aspect about it is forgotten being the word ‘health’. Just how we spoke of grit this morning — health is not about being able to only run one marathon successfully, it’s more about being able to sprint normally every day in your day to day lives.

Mental health

If the present-day “me” went back through a time capsule to the old me 5 years back — and I told myself that I would be opting for a career as a web developer I would not have believed myself.

I would genuinely laugh at my future self then totally think I’m playing a prank on myself for shits and giggles. To comprehend why this is so amusing to my old self — here’s a background story to my existence:

I was raised in a culture and kinfolk believing there’s nothing superior than getting a swanky degree from a fancy…

Pritika Roy

Front End Software Developer

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