This project provides a nice overview of the concepts and applications of CNN for a novice to the field

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Convolutional Neural Networks have become a pre-dominant force in the current world of Machine-Learning. Deep and complex CNN architectures are solving problems with accuracy that was previously unimaginable. Tasks that are tricky even for humans to solve are being tackled by a machine. This is a time as good as any to master this technology and be part of the revolution.

Classifying the breed of a dog is an inherently difficult task. Hence, training a machine to do it is always…

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I think StackOverflow needs no introduction for anyone even remotely belonging to the software industry. What some people might not know is, StackOverflow publishes a yearly survey illustrating various interesting trends of a software developer’s life. What is probably even lesser known is StackOverflow also publishes this yearly dataset publicly to enable curious minds to analyze and draw their own sets of conclusions.

Since the last 2–3 years, I have enjoyed and at times, have been intrigued by the trends showcased in the StackOverflow survey reports. I recently watched Josh Bernhard analyze these datasets to answer his own sets of…

Problem Statement

Handling datetimes have become quite a common task during the code development journey of any developer. And, Python being one of the most popular languages, it won’t be surprising if this comes up fairly regularly as a requirement. I was also recently challenged with one such task. The task was pretty simple.

I was receiving a timestamp in RFC3339 format from an API endpoint. For similar responses, I was receiving timestamps in standard UTC format. …

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