To look down upon someone, that is the worst and the stupidest thing someone can do to soothe one’s ego. To profit out of someone’s misfortune and weakness is no less immoral. She walked inside the class. With her, came her aura of negativity. She grabbed a chair, shoved her bag, with the air of utmost apathy and oblivion towards her surrounding. After all, her mother was a teacher at the school. She was under her mother’s big and bright umbrella,that would protect her from and reflect anything that came her way; be she right or wrong; she knew it well enough that no matter what she does, no one is going to raise his/her voice against her and she took as much possible advantage out of that as she could. Treating her fellow classmates rudely had become her day to day habit. She had a bunch of brainless supporters too, who nodded their heads to whatever came out of her mouth, who she covered with the umbrella as an act of appeasement. She had a number of victims. Some were just too meek to say anything. Some tried to protest but were stamped on. Some remained indifferent. She targeted everyone. No one could escape her grasp.There was another girl, who was unaware of all these and was too happy with her new gift, a box of sketch pens. They were her new assets and were too good to be true. Being very fond of chocolates as well, she drew a jar of chocolates and started coloring it. Blue, pink, red.. a juxtaposition of colors. The colors reflected her happiness. Then, she was called by her teacher to collect her notebook. She collected it to come back and see the mess that had been created. Her sketch book had been scribbled and her sketch pens had been thrown helter-skelter. She looked around, distressed, with eyes full of helplessness and utter cluelessness. To her shock, she found a group of girls sniggering at her. Considering the scale and gravity of the incident, it was nothing that could turn someone’s world around or affect someone’s life majorly. But on the mind of a six-year old,it was undoubtedly a scar that etched an indelible imprint. It changed her perception towards her surrounding. It affected her innocence, the pristine innocence that made her believe that world was an easy place to live in.