Pritunl 1.19 Release Announcement

Pritunl 1.19

Version 1.19 of Pritunl has been released. This release adds support for LetsEncrypt and includes several web console improvements.

LetsEncrypt Support

LetsEncrypt allows getting a valid signed certificate automatically. This is done using port 80 on the Pritunl server to verify the domain ownership. The certificate will then automatically renew every 60 days. Before setting the LetsEncrypt domain the dns should be set to the public ip address of the Pritunl server and port 80 should be opened on the Pritunl server.

Web Console Server Improvements

The default port has been switched to port 443 and the setting to change the port has moved to the web console settings. The server will also now redirect request going to port 80 to the correct port. This allows users to access the web console when going to the web console on port 80.


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