Pritunl 1.21 Release Announcement

Pritunl 1.21

Version 1.21 of Pritunl has been released. This release adds support for single sign-on with Slack.

Slack Integration

The new Slack integration allows users to sign in to Pritunl using their company Slack account.

Authentication is done using Oauth with the servers. This makes configuration simple requiring only the Slack team domain to enable Slack single sign-on.

Organization Control With Groups

Pritunl will match a users group to existing organizations in Pritunl by the groups handle name. The first matching group will be used with group names sorted alphabetically. For more control over users with multiple groups the group description can be used to set the priority by placing pritunl:100 with the lowest number have first priority. The priority declaration can be placed anywhere in the group description. Group handle names must match an existing organization name and the match is case sensitive. If no match is found users will be added to the default single sign-on organization.


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