Pritunl 1.25 Release Announcement

Version 1.25 of Pritunl has been released. This release adds support for VXLans, auto Route 53 configuration and availability improvements.


Replicated servers will now use a VXLan to enable client-to-client traffic when layer 2 connectivity is not available. This allows client-to-client traffic when servers are replicated across EC2 availability zones. Google Cloud can also now be used for replicated servers with support for client-to-client traffic. Replicated servers will still need private network access between each host using the local IP configured in the host settings.

Auto Route 53 Configuration

A new option has been added to the settings to select a Route 53 zone for automatic configuration. This will automatically add records for each host using the hosts name for the domain name.

Availability Improvements

Improvements have been made to the auto failover system to reduce downtime when hosts fail. Support for placing hosts in availability groups has also been added to the advance host settings. This allows for complex replication strategies such as grouping replicated servers hosts by EC2 availability zone. This can be used to run a replicated server across several EC2 availability zones while still maintaining running hosts on the same availability zone. This will reduce client-to-client traffic cost and latency. In the event that an availability zone fails the server will be replicated to a different availability zone.

Mixing Pritunl Versions

Starting with v1.25 Pritunl will allow different versions to access the database in a cluster. This makes upgrading easier by allowing interoperable versions to run together.


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